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Winport Casino's Commitment to Anti-Money Laundering Efforts


Winport Casino's Commitment to Anti-Money Laundering Efforts

Updated on January 10, 2022, this comprehensive overview focuses on the stringent Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies employed by Win Port Casino, under the operation of Beforelity Solutions N.V., to ensure a safe and secure gaming environment.

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Win-Port's AML Framework: A Vigilant Approach

Our AML Objective: Safeguarding Integrity and Security

  • Verification Process: We implement a meticulous three-step account verification system to confirm user identities and safeguard against any misuse of deposit methods.

  • Customized Security Measures: Recognizing the diverse backgrounds and payment methods of our users, we tailor our safety measures accordingly to combat money laundering effectively.

Compliance with International Standards

  • Adherence to EU Guidelines: Our AML policy aligns with the EU's Directive 2015/849 and Regulation 2015/847, reflecting our commitment to global compliance.

  • Rigorous Legislation Observance: We rigorously follow the laws and guidelines set by the European Union and other relevant authorities to ensure robust AML practices.

Defining Money Laundering

  • Comprehensive Understanding: Money laundering encompasses various actions, including the concealment of illegal funds' origins and aiding in such activities. We are vigilant in identifying and addressing these activities.

Organizational Structure for AML

  • Dedicated AMLCO: An appointed Anti Money Laundering Compliance Officer oversees the enforcement of our AML policies, ensuring thorough and effective implementation.

Three-Step Verification for Enhanced Safety

  • Step One: Initial registration requires basic personal information.

  • Step Two: Triggered by significant transactions, this step involves ID verification and deposit method confirmation.

  • Step Three: High-value transactions prompt a source of wealth disclosure.

KYC: Know Your Customer

  • Rigorous Identification: Our KYC process requires valid, unexpired identification documents to ensure the legitimacy of our users.

Source of Funds: Transparency and Verification

  • Wealth Origin Verification: For substantial deposits, we might request documentation or evidence to verify the source of these funds.

Risk Management: Proactive and Preventative

  • Advanced Analytics: Our system, aided by AI and overseen by the AMLCO, actively monitors for unusual behaviours and potential risks.

Reporting Suspicious Transactions

  • Obligation to Report: Our team is trained to identify and report atypical transactions, aligning with our commitment to AML compliance.

Record Keeping and Training

  • Secure Data Storage: We securely store all transaction and identification records for a minimum of ten years.

  • Employee Training: Regular AML training sessions ensure our staff is well-equipped to identify and manage potential risks.

Data Security: A Core Principle

  • Robust Data Protection: All user data is securely stored, aligning with data protection directives, and only shared when legally required.

Contact Us for AML Queries

For any questions or concerns regarding our AML and KYC policies, please reach out to us at Our commitment to these policies ensures a secure and trustworthy gaming environment at WinPort, where players can enjoy their gaming experience with peace of mind.